Sarah Bird MAR



MAR – the sign of a professional and wise choice.

I qualified in July 2003 as a Reflexologist and since then have trained in Functional Reflex Therapy, Maternity and Facial Reflexology.
I have personally benefited from Reflexology over the years and enjoy being able to pass these benefits onto my family, friends and clients. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and Functional Reflex Therapy.
Anyone can claim to have trained in Reflexology and there are many short courses, where you can 'learn' to be a Reflexologist in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, Reflexology is currently unregulated by the government, so when looking for a reflexologist it is important that the therapist has completed a high level of training and has a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology in order to understand the systems of the body and how the treatment may impact health conditions. Therefore membership with the Association of Reflexologists requires a high level of training. By choosing a Reflexologist with the letters MAR, FMAR or HMAR after their name, you choose a therapist with Full Membership status of the Association of Reflexologists. This means that they continually demonstrate that they have met the strictest standards for professional excellence in reflexology practice, as well as being committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge. All members of the Association agree to abide by the Associations code of practice and have confirmed that they are insured to practice.